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Women Trying on new glasses with the dispensing optician


Discover eyewear that always offers comfort, style and functionality




Your eyewear reflects your personality, but sometimes picking out your new look is not as easy as it seems.


We do our best to help you make the decision with styling advice that considers your appearance and functional requirements. This means knowing which type of frames will suit your face shape as well as which designs are best for staying on during high-energy sports. Having information like this at your disposal can make a big difference in making sure you pick out glasses you love.

Our carefully selected range of frames provides close-fitting comfort with modern, classic and unique designs for every occasion and pastime. We source top-quality lenses to ensure alongside your comfortable frames you get to enjoy optimal vision.


Our brands include: Maui Jim, Stepper, CAT, Woow, Nike, ProDesign, Wolf, Modo, Reykjavik, Nifties, Dutz, Eco, Vanni, Porsche, David Green


We offer sunglasses with or without prescription to give you optimal vision outdoors.


Sunglasses are about more than just completing your summer look – they can offer you vital protection from UV light, reduce glare and improve your vision all year round. Our range includes a wide variety of options, so you can tailor your sunglasses to suit you perfectly."

Man wearing new glasses


For comfort and visual clarity, glasses need to be equipped with quality lenses. We source every major type of lens to suit simple or special prescriptions always using trusted manufacturers.


Your optometrist will guide you through the available lenses to ensure you make the right choice.


We offer various sports spectacles for the sports-enthusiasts, from football to swimming, from skiing to cycling. We stock Versport and Sunwise frames. We are proud supporters of the Somerset FA and various cycling clubs. No matter the sport, your eyewear needs to fit well and provide you with optimal vision. We have a selection of sports eyewear to help you enjoy an active life without ever sacrificing vision or performance. With a variety of frames, lenses and coatings available we make sure you are properly equipped for your sport of choice

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