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Eyetech Opticians


Our examinations create an in-depth assessment of your eyesight that your optometrist will explain clearly, so you know exactly what’s happening with your vision. They also include essential health checks and screenings for eye conditions. At our practice in Street, with excellent technology and a team of qualified optometrists, we are here to offer you the best eye care for you and your family



Your eyes are affected by various conditions that may or may not cause vision loss. Having them looked at by a healthcare professional allows conditions like glaucoma, high blood pressure and diabetes to be diagnosed.


Eyetech Opticians are independent opticians. We are independent because we believe in offering our patients the best in eye care and the best in eye wear, free from corporate policies and sales targets.  

Being independent means that we can set appointment lengths to suit your care needs and we can source contact lenses, spectacle frames and spectacle lenses from a wide range of suppliers. This means that your care needs are looked after and if your vision needs correcting we can dispense the very best for you.


Contact lenses give you the freedom to choose how you look, enjoy different activities without having to wear frames and experience a clear, comfortable field of vision.


Early on children need to have their eyes tested to see that they are developing normally.


Our carefully curated collection of frames offers comfort that fits close to the body in stylish, timeless styles suitable for any activity or event. We source premium lenses to guarantee that you have the best possible vision in addition to your cosy frames.

Women Wearing Designer Sunglasses


We do our best to help you make the decision with styling advice that considers your appearance and functional requirements. This means knowing which type of frames will suit your face shape as well as which designs are best for staying on during high-energy sports. Having information like this at your disposal can make a big difference in making sure you pick out glasses you love.


At Eyetech we offer Eyeplan membership, which, in exchange for a small monthly payment, provides you with a number of benefits. These benefits include free eye examinations as often as you need it, discount on spectacles, contact lenses and consumables. Eyeplan also offer a 2 year Accidental Damage Certificate, which can give you a peace of mind. To find out which Eyeplan Scheme is best for you, just speak to a member of our team.

Smiling schoolgirl wearing glasses


Myopia (shortsightedness) affects millions of children globally. The condition is becoming much more common – today dealing with myopia and the effect it has on education is something children and parents are having to deal with.


Our optometrists are experts at dealing with myopia. With contact and spectacle lens options, we can provide eyewear that slows down myopia progression, stops eyesight from getting worse, and corrects myopic vision.


Children often don’t notice they have the condition, so regular eye tests are crucial to diagnosing it promptly.

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